The Mathematical Mesh

Making computers easier to use by making them more secure

The Mathematical Mesh is an open-source initiative that allows users to cryptographically connect devices together to form a personal mesh. This allows use to be simplified by allowing the collection of devices to function.

Three Core Problems

Manage Private Keys

The Mesh provisions a set of private keys onto every device the user connects. These provide the foundation for strong end-to-end security.

Manage Public Keys

Providing access to the corresponding public key

Secure Data At Rest

Transport Layer Security only protects data in motion. The Mesh provides Data Level Security that doesn't get in the user's way./

Three Compelling Technologies


The Mesh provides a framework that allows threshold cryptography and other techniques developed in the 1990s to be applied to the job they were designed to do: securing the Internet.

Data At Rest Envelope

Otherwise known as 'blockchain in JSON', DARE Sequence provides incremental authentication and incemental encryption capabilities.

Uniform Data Fingerprint

The 'Swiss Army Knife' of fingerprint formats, UDF is the basis for the 'cryptography on Rails' used in the Mesh