Using the network Command Set

The `network` command set is used to manage a network configuration catalog which contains a entries describing how to access particular networks.

Adding networks

The `network add` command adds a network entry to a catalog:

Alice> network add NetworkEntry1.json NetID1
{Username}@{Service} = [{Password}]
Alice> network add NetworkEntry2.json NetID2
{Username}@{Service} = [{Password}]

Finding networks

The `network get` command retreives a network entry by label:

Alice> network get NetID2

Deleting networks

Network entries may be deleted using the `network delete` command:

Alice> network delete NetID2
ERROR - The entry could not be found in the store.
Alice> network list


Listing networks

A complete list of networks is obtained using the `network list` command:

Alice> network list


Adding devices

Devices are given authorization to access the networks catalog using the `device auth` command:

% ConsoleExample (Examples.NetworkAuth);