Reference code

Running code, MIT License

The primary function of the Mesh Reference Code is to develop the Mesh architecture and documentation.

Both the Mesh reference code and the tools used to build it are distributed under an MIT Open Source license and available from GitHub.


The previously released version of the meshman tool is now obsolete and its replacement is not yet passing unit tests. This should be fixed shortly.

  • Windows
  • OSX
  • Linux

Meshman tool

Mesh Library (C#)

The Mesh reference library is documented in the code itself and in the Mathematical Mesh API Reference.

Note that the reference code is configured to be conservative in what it accepts and occasionally malicious in what it generates. Nor is the current implementation intended to provide production quality performance or reliability.


The Mesh code and support code are maintained at the following GitHub repositories:

The mesh reference code and example applications.
PHB Build-Tools
The code generation tools and associated support libraries.