Creating and Managing Mesh Profiles

Creating a Personal Profile

Before creating a profile, we may want to check to see if the desired portal account is available. The meshman verify command is used for this:

meshman verify

To create a personal profile using the default cryptographic algorithms, the meshman command personal create is used. The only parameter required is the portal account:

meshman personal create
Created new personal profile MDLPI-SKSON-LANSR-5I5T3-SVIKR-XSQQF
Profile registered to

Registering and unregistering profiles at portals

ToDo Test support for multiple profile registgrations.

A profile may be registered at multiple portals. This provides additional security in the case that the original portal selected becomes unavailable.

The meshman command personal register is used to register the profile at an additional portal:

personal register

The meshman command personal deregister is used to deregister the profile from a portal:

personal deregister

Note that even when a portal is deregistered from every portal it has been connected to, the profile data is still stored locally.

Miscelaneous commands

The personal sync command synchronizes the local copy of a personal profile and all connected application profiles that the device is connected to:

personal sync

The personal fingerprint command returns the fingerprint of a profile:

meshman personal fingerprint

The personal import and personal export commands are used to import and export profiles. If the password option is specified, the corresponding cryptographic keys are exported as well.

ToDo Implement/vet the use of the import and export commands.

Using multiple personal and device profiles

ToDo Test support for use of multiple profiles.

The Mesh reference libraries and the meshman tool are both designed to support the use of multiple personal and device profiles. While these code paths have been implemented in the code, testing the use of multiple profiles is a very low priority at present and it is therefore recommended that these features not be used.