Mesh Resources

Open Source, open specifications

The tecchnical descriptions on this Web site provide a high level overview of the ideas behind the mesh and how to use the Mesh reference code

For detailed description of the Mesh protocols and applications, consult the specifications, all of which have been submitted to the IETF as internet drafts. These specifications are divided into four parts:

Mesh Core

High level description of the Mesh architecture and mode of use.
Detailed specifications including schemas and examples are specified in the accompanying Mesh Reference document

Mesh Applications

Describes use of the Mesh to configure mail and SSH clients, and to store catalogs containing passwords, contacts and bookmarks.
Describes the Mesh/Account Web service for managing service accounts
Mesh/Recrypt, an end to end encryption scheme supporting data level encryption for groups of users.
Mesh/Confirm, a new approach to second factor authentication.

Mesh Platform

Key exchange establishing a shared secret from client and server credentials that may be used to authenticate and encrypt Web Service transactions at the presentiation layer.
Describes the use of DNS service discovery and JSON encoding to encode Web Service transaction messages.
Describes extensions to the JSON encoding adding binary (JSON-B), compressed (JSON-C) and data (JSON-D) encodings.
A cryptographic message syntax based on JSON Web Encryption and Signature and the JSON-B and JSON-C encodings.
An append only log format based on DARE Message that supports efficient incremental encryption.
Uniform Data fingerprint format used in the Mesh specifications.
Strong Internet Names, using UDF fingerprints encoded as DNS labels to embed security policy directives.

Reference code base

There is an online guide to the Reference Code API.

The reference code base is described in draft-hallambaker-mesh-developer. and recommendations for implementing Mesh enabled applications to take advantage of the cryptographic facilities offered by specific operating system platforms in draft-hallambaker-mesh-platform.